Manufacturer Price for 18*16 Plisse Fireproof Pleated Polyester Fiberglass Fly Insect Mosquito Window PE/PP Screen Mesh
Category: Polyester Plisse mesh  Publish Time: 2023-02-17 17:59 
Pleated insect screen can be opened and closed at the desired position in the form of folded and unfolded wrinkled net.When opening and closing, dust and dirt fall off naturally and it is easy to clean. It is 3 ~ 4 times more durable than general insect screen because it is made up of dense and fine and strong fabric.

MESH SIZE :20*20  16*16  16*14 

Color:Grey and Black





Pleat Height:14mm/15mm/16mm/17mm/19mm/20mm/25mm/30mm

Packing: 5 bundles in carton  

Loading Capacity: 20ft: 80000sqm; 40HC: 180000sqm

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